Need a Lawn Mowing Service? Call Jim’s Mowing on 310-5467 and book a quote for a mowing job now. Or book online 24/7 for a free quote. Jim’s Mowing offers scheduled lawn cutting, edging and cleanup to keep your lawn looking fresh, clean and healthy throughout the year. Each visit includes lawn mowing, edge trimming […]

Garden Need Fertilizing? Call Jim’s Mowing & Gardening on 310-5467 to have your gardens and lawns expertly maintained, and fertilized correctly for the plant type, season and growth stage.  Or you can book a gardening job online 24/7. The results from regular fertilizer applications are magical!  Fertilizing the lawn can replace nutrients taken out by […]

Hedge Need Trimming? Simply Call Jim’s Hedging & Trimming on 310-5467 or book a hedging trimming service 24/7 online. A beautifully maintained hedge can add elegance to a home and garden.  Practically, they can also be utilized to also provide wonderful privacy.  How Much Does it Cost to Trim & Maintain Hedges? The cost will of course […]

Need Gardening Services? To book a time for a Gardening quote, just call Jim’s on 310-5467 or Book Online for a free gardening quote, anytime and make the most of your garden and outdoor areas. Finding it hard to make time?  Gardening tasks can quickly get away from you; from weeding and pruning, to leaves clogging gutters […]

Need a Pruning service? Call Jim’s Mowing on 310-5467 and book a quote for a mowing job now. Or book online 24/7 for a free quote. Let us make your garden look spick and span. We at Jim’s Mowing master the art of pruning BC, which includes selective removal of plant parts, buds, roots and […]

Need Lawn Aeration? Call Jim’s Mowing & Gardening on 310-5467 for expert Lawn Aeration Services; or book online here 24/7. Our team have all the right equipment and knowledge to make sure that your lawn is fully aerated, at the right time of the season, and managed through the process to yield lush, rich lawns […]

Need Power Raking? Call Jim’s Mowing Canada on 310-5467 to book in a free quote. Or Book Online 24/7 here. Jim’s Mowing will rake the length and breadth of your lawn area, remove thatch, roots and stems, and enhance the health of your lawn.   We recommend Power Raking  for removing the thatch underneath your lawn. […]

Need Junk Removal Service? Call Jim’s Mowing Canada team on 310-5467 to book a free quote and get that yard cleared.  Or Book Online 24/7. We offer rubbish and junk removal services for green and household waste. If your yard is looking a bit untidy, with scraps of rubbish lying around – general rubbish or […]

Need Landscaping Services? Call Jim’s Mowing & Gardening on 310-5467 now to Book A Free Quote, or Book Online 24/7. Perhaps you’re tired of the current landscaping and are looking for new landscaping ideas?  Or you recently bought a property and the yard needs some work? We would love to come up with a new […]

Need Power Washing? Call Jim’s Mowing & Gardening on 310-5467 or Book Online 24/7 for local power washing and high pressure cleaning of driveways, fences, weatherboards, brick, paving and more.  Give your property a thorough wash and you will be thrilled with how it will be revived. What Surfaces Can be Cleaned with Power Washing We […]

Need a Snow Removal Service? Call Jim’s Mowing for Snow Removal on 310-5467 now – or book online here 24/7. At Jim’s Mowing, we know how life comes to a standstill when it snows in Lower Mainland region and we are committed to keeping your property clear even during heavy snowfall through our round-the-clock snow […]