Franchise Enquiries


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This Is A Business We Believe You Will Enjoy

You are invited to come to our office to find out more about Jim’s Mowing, and to ask any questions you will have. This is a “fact-finding” mission for you and we encourage you to compare the Jim’s Mowing system with other business opportunities before making any decisions. This is also our opportunity to make a preliminary assessment as to whether you have the potential to be a successful Jim’s Mowing Franchisee.

Our reputation has been built on the quality of our Franchisees and, for this reason, following the interview, you will be invited to spend 3 days in the field with our trainers. This is an opportunity to see the business at work and to ask more questions. The trainers will file a report at the end of the day which we will discuss with you.

Should you fulfill all selection criteria and you decide that you want to proceed, you will be presented with a Franchise Agreement for your consideration. Although we are happy to go through this Agreement with you, clarifying any points, we recommend that you take it to your lawyer, or a solicitor for further appraisal.

Successful Jim’s Mowing franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Few have any lawn mowing or gardening experience beyond their own properties. The commonality is that they love this type of work and have decided to make a change in their lives. Working outside in a balanced lifestyle, in a long-term repeat business that they own, is what they want to do.

The making of a successful franchise owner is more about attitude, motivation and a will to succeed than anything else. We seek only applicants who are enthusiastic, and committed and are prepared to do what it takes to develop a strong, healthy business for themselves and their Family.

The ideal Jim’s Mowing Franchisee is a:

  • team player with a winning attitude
  • hard worker
  • customer and service oriented person

Someone whose livelihood depends on the business and has:

  • business experience
  • solid financial foundation
  • high standards
  • integrity
  • long term philosophy to their business