Let us make your garden look spick and span. We at Jim’s Mowing master the art of pruning BC, which includes selective removal of plant parts, buds, roots and branches, shaping and also harvesting the yield. We identify and treat infected, structurally imperfect, damaged or dead plants and shrubs. We will keep the limbs of your trees and plants intact so they stand strong and tall, adding some symmetry to your garden.

We at Jim’s Mowing do not like it when plants grow out of proportion and look ugly. We know you do not love this untidy look of your garden either. So here we are, with our deep experience and expertise in pruning overgrown plants and shrubs. Our pruning Vancouver experts know that not all your needs are same. We have our hands-on experience in vista pruning, formative pruning, pollarding, crown canopy lifting, dead wooding and a variety of other little jobs that are all meant for smartening up your garden. Call at Jim’s Mowing today to get a complete quote for the wide array of pruning services that we offer in Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

Even when we are completely done with pruning your shrubs, we have not actually done the job. After pruning your garden, we will give you DIY pruning tips so you can maintain your garden all around the year. We can also do green waste removal and rubbish removal so your garden looks a lot better than it is now. In short, we are your full-service pruning British Columbia agency that can put an end to your worries growing at the pace of your odd-shaped shrubs and plans. We serve the entire Lower Mainland area, including neighbourhoods of Upper Fraser Valley, Central Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver and Fraser Lowland. In effect, we are your next door pruning service provider whom you can give a quick call to get specialized service from real pros!

Professional pruning Vancouver is the job of a certified and experienced tree surgeon, or arborist. We are a bunch of level-headed gardening and pruning service providers who have been certified by competent authorities and are highly knowledgeable in the art of pruning. We address the physiological needs of the plants and also lay stress on the aesthetic aspects while pruning and cutting the shrubs. At Jim’s Mowing, we believe that pruning is all about striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and physiological needs of the plants.

While taking care of plants, we do avoid the most common pruning British Columbia needs, including the most familiar – focusing solely on the exteriors of a plant. We know your plant needs adequate nutrition like we all do. Therefore, we do make sure that your plant gets enough sunlight all throughout the day. This way, the plans look healthy and you don’t get to see the ‘hollow syndrome’ in your garden again. We absolutely love it when your garden looks healthy and in shape.

To know more about our pruning BC, or other services such as landscapinghedgingsnow removalfertilizinggardeningaeratinglawn mowingpower raking and power washing, just give us a call or write to us. You can even book a job online.