Jim’s Mowing has been providing power washing and high pressure cleaning since its inception. We can use your lawn’s existing water supply system and we spray high pressure water onto your driveways, footpaths and house exterior to remove any dirt or mould. You can call us to let our power washing Vancouver professionals know where your home is located, what’s the water supply system and a few other details and voila! You are almost there. Our professionals will arrive at the right time, inspect the outside areas that need power washing and get to work in no time.

Jim’s Mowing takes pride in its technologies, its people and its work ethics. We are pretty fast in response, outright professional in lawn care and management and super-caring when it comes to power washing your sidewalks, steps and driveways. We can adjust the pressure of water depending on what type of surface you have. We also take into consideration a few other factors before we start working our socks off, literally. All you have to do is to place a call with us and the rest is a piece of cake for you. We understand all your landscaping and power washing needs like no other company. We are British Columbia preferred provider of power washing for all small and large jobs. We specialize in power washing all your outdoor surfaces and we know when it’s time to give your home a thorough wash also.

If the sight of a dirty and dusty paths that is yours gives you pain, you are in the right place. Just call us today to blast all the dirt and grime spread over your sidewalks with pressured water. We use a number of advanced equipment to power wash BC sidewalks. You know sprinkling water on your driveway does not work that well and the only way to fight away dust and dirt is to give your driveway a complete wash. Power washing is the best way to take your driveway back to its early days of liveliness and colour. While normal washing reduces buildup of dirt and dust, power washing eliminates the dirt from the root surface. It also helps you to get rid of mold and algea substances.

If you are looking for the perfect and complete solution for your yard to be presentable, look no further. Jim’s Mowing is here to help you out with a range of paint preparation and wood restoration services in Vancouver, one of which is the professional power washing Vancouver service. Our professionals will reach your doorstep with the most environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment that are highly beneficial in doing away with the dirt that stains your gutters or fences, making it look ugly.

So here’s your chance to ‘upgrade’ to a cleaner and new looking yard. To use our power washing British Columbia services, just give us a call and we will be ready to arrive at your convenience. We will take care of all the garden care needs that you might have, and not just power washing. However, if you are particularly looking for power washing services, Jim’s Mowing is the one!

Looking for other gardening services? Jim’s Mowing also specialize in lawn maintenance, hedges & pruning, landscaping, fertilizing, rubbish removal and more!