Interior lawn care highly depends on which technique or service you specifically choose for your lawn. Here’s where we, Jim’s Mowing, come in. We are Vancouver’s very own gardening, mowing and lawn care service provider having expertise in a lot of lawn care techniques and methods. We recommend power raking Vancouver for removing the thatch underneath your lawn. To know how power raking benefits your lawn, just give us a call.

We at Jim’s Mowing will rake the length and breadth of your lawn area, remove thatch, roots and stems, and enhance the health of your lawn. Too much of thatch is bad for your lawn, as the grass roots start growing on the thatch and not on the soil. Too much of thatch can also block air, water and essential nutrients to get deep into the soil, which in turn affect the health of the grass roots badly. Over time, the lawn starts looking lifeless and loses all its vigour. We at Jim’s Mowing perfectly know when the right time for power raking British Columbia is and we can power-rake your entire lawn area within a reasonable time frame.

Power raking BC is an alternative to core aeration. In fact, deep power raking and core aeration are almost equally beneficial for your lawn. We do, however, wish to inspect your lawn and garden at least once before taking a critical decision. If your lawn’s thatch becomes as thick as one and a half inches, we highly recommend power raking. However, if you have been aerating your lawn for quite some time now, you can skip power raking. Rather, you better avoid power raking. We can conduct a comprehensive study of your lawn and take the right decision.

Early summer is the right time for deep raking your lawn. If you are thinking about power raking your cool-season grasses, early fall is the ideal time. Fescue, ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass are the main grass types falling under the category of cool-season grasses. If your lawn grass is Bermuda grass or zoysia grass, power raking Vancouver in the late spring is the most sensible decision to take. For knowing more about the right time to power rake your lawn, you can just send us a quick mail or talk to Jim’s Mowing lawn care experts over the phone.

For years, Jim’s Mowing has been providing specialized lawn care solutions in Vancouver and in the whole of Lower Mainland. We use the latest techniques and equipment for power raking Vancouver lawns. However, what puts us ahead of our competitors is our ruthless professionalism. We have arguably the best Vancouver lawn care experts working with us and we top it with our exceptional passion for work and unswerving commitment to our customers. If you are too worried about that thatch growing beneath the grass, placing a call with us gets the problem half-solved. We can take instant notice of the problems you are facing and offer bespoke lawn mowing and power raking solutions. Call us now to feel the difference!

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