Do you feel at times that your lawn deserves a little more love and care than it usually gets from you? Well, you might have already hired the best pros in Vancouver for mowing, weeding, fertilizing and irrigating your lawn or you believe you are the best person to handle all this, but aeration Vancouver is a different ballgame. We at Jim’s Mowing are Vancouver’s most trusted aeration professionals working closely with home and garden owners for more than a few years now and we can provide the right care that your lawn needs.

In theory, aeration is the process of using specialized equipment for piercing the soil or for completely removing the soil cores. Aeration helps in drainage and more importantly, drastically decreases puddle formation. If you had always wished for a lush lawn that looks healthy, know that aeration is the key to bring your lifeless lawn back to life. We also provide expert tips and guidance on aeration Vancouver so you can apply a few simple DIY tricks when we are not around.

There are many different benefits of lawn aeration. You can easily see small and uniform soil plugs right at the level of turf. Apart from that, aeration also helps in relieving soil compaction, managing thatches, improving air penetration and water and nutrient penetration into the lawn turf. It also helps stimulate grass root growth. However, aeration is not the perfect remedy for your thatch problems that can only be fixed using advanced techniques. We at Jim’s Mowing know what kind of aeration techniques and technologies can be brought into play and we also make use of a whole lot of manual aeration techniques that work wonders all the time, every time.

What is the right timing for lawn aeration? If you are looking to ginger up your lawn during the winter months, we recommend aerating your lawn at the start of the fall. We can complete the aeration BC job within the end of the fall. This way, your lawn gets enough time for recovery before becoming dormant. We can also perform spring aerations at the end of fall. Core aeration helps in improving the performance of herbicides. We recommend not performing aeration during winter dormancy. However, if you ask us, the best time to do lawn aeration is the summer. This is when your lawn looks dry and lifeless and we can bring back your lawn to life, against the scorching summer heat.

With Jim’s Mowing aeration British Columbia services, you are rest assured about the good health of your lawn. We are a group of expert gardeners Vancouver who have the latest technology and the best techniques that we can bring into play to make your lawn and garden lively again. For queries on our aeration BC services or a full range of gardening and mowing services that we offer, simply place a call with us or drop by our office in Vancouver to have a quick chat with us about your lawn’s health overall!