Are you tired of your existing landscaping and want something new? Did you buy a home and inherit a yard that makes your cringe? We would love to come up with a new plan for your property.

Our Jims can design a new yard for you to enjoy for years to come. We can remove the old materials, level the property, bring in the aggregates that you need and then install a beautiful yard, so you can spend your weekends relaxing.
Does your yard seem like a burden to you, something that takes you away from the things and people you enjoy? Imagine having an outdoor living space, surrounded by beautiful gardens enjoying a dinner with friends and family. We can make that dream a reality. We can install fences, pavers, rocks, retaining walls and more all combined to create your ideal garden.

Are you frustrated and don’t know where to start in your yard? Give us a call for a free quote; we have options for all budgets and yards. We spend a lot of time seeing what works for other families and we are happy to save you the research time and effort and create a unique garden and yard design that will work for your family and your space.

Do you wish you had paving stone steps leading to a new patio and bright colourful gardens surrounding that space? We can help you achieve that space on your property. We can also install outdoor lighting to brighten up any space or provide extra security on your property.

We also do full lawn renovations or replacements and we have Jims who are certified and trained to reduce the infestation of the European Chafer beetle and help fix the damage on your lawn. We know how frustrating it can be to have put so much time, energy and care into your lawn to only have it damaged by this annoying pest. Let us come up with a plan to fix the cosmetic issues and then address the real problem, under the surface of your lawn. We will provide you with a plan to keep your lawn looking fantastic and help keep those beetles off your property. Even if you are not using our regular lawn mowing services, we are able to come by on a regular basis to ensure that the work we are putting into your lawn is achieving its desired results.

Jim’s Mowing also offer other services to help you around your home and garden. Book a job online or contact us to find out more.