Hedging your property can create a wonderfully verdant look and your garden may just become tad, more prim and proper. Hedging also provides privacy to your backyard and your garden. We are Vancouver’s one of the most trusted hedging Vancouver service providers offering garden beautification, pruning and hedging services in the area for quite some time now. At Jim’s Mowing, we believe nothing else can add elegance to a home garden as much as a beautifully maintained hedge can.

We at Jim’s Mowing also provide expert tips and guidance on how to hedge the boundaries of a garden and also provide exclusive maintenance tips. We don’t discriminate small and large hedges. Every hedge is different and every hedge is unique and beautiful. We show a lot of creativity that stems from our deep passion for the job and our hands-on experience. We have the right equipment and the right people working with us. We are your private gardeners with wealth of hedging experience you can count on.

What do we take into consideration before providing hedging BC services? Well, our Jim’s Mowing professionals take into account the amount of sunlight the hedging area routinely receives. After that, we would like to know your thoughts on the ideal height of the hedge. Would you like to see a broadleaf or laurel hedge or a coniferous or cedar hedge around your garden? What’s your budget for the hedging job? Just dial our number and tell us these things so we get a clear view of how you perceive a beautiful hedge.

Cedars, laurels and yews are our favourite hedges if you ask us and apparently, the whole of Vancouver loves these hedges just too much. Take a brief stroll along your neighbourhood and you could find a number of gardens having either coniferous hedge or laurel hedge, with yew hedge also adoring a few backyard gardens. This is because all these shrubs serve very specific purposes and all of them look stunning all throughout the year. We take pride in the fact that we have been hedging British Columbia for a couple of years now our careful selection of shrubs and hedge design has impressed our Vancouver clients time and again.

We at Jim’s Mowing make sure that the most suitable hedge is chosen for your garden and that the plants are properly treated before installation. This helps in reducing the pain of planting. This also helps in the fast and unrestrained growth of the plants. You may go for smaller or bigger plants, but you need to keep in mind that hedge plants might take years to grow. Therefore, your budget and your desired height of the garden are two important considerations for hedging BC. You may just drop us a line or call us so we can know your expectations and your budget more vividly.

At Jim’s Mowing Vancouver, we also offer watering systems and year-round maintenance for the hedges we install. Watering systems are available on a rental basis and hedging maintenance Vancouver services, just call or write to us to know more.

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