Do you love to enjoy a beautiful garden but don’t have the time, the skill or the green thumb needed to achieve that?  We at Jim’s Mowing are happy to bring our green thumbs to your garden. We understand the unique needs of our client’s gardens and their plants and we strive to achieve a beautiful garden for you.

Has your garden got away from you, is it infested with weeds, or have you inherited a garden nightmare from previous tenants? If you don’t have the time, or don’t want to spend your weekends working in the garden, we can do a garden cleanup, weeding, complete garden makeover, garden design or garden maintenance. Whatever you need to get out and enjoy your garden through the season.

Our Jims our knowledgeable in plants, drainage, soil and garden care.

When plants in a garden bed are not growing well, most often the problems can be traced to poor soil quality. Soils provide the basis for plant growth, and are frequently neglected in garden development. In looking at garden soils, these factors must be considered:

  • drainage
  • soil structure
  • organic matter
  • acidity (pH)
  • soil fertility
  • mulching

All factors must be balanced to assure that the plants will grow well. Although there are some plants that require specialized soil conditions, most plants will grow reasonably well under ‘standard’ soil conditions.

We are able to help you find out if the soil you are using is the right one for the plants you are growing and for the sunlight that your garden gets. No more wondering why your pansies won’t flower, or why your tulips won’t bloom, we can help you have the beautiful garden you have always wanted.  You can have our green thumbs come by and get your garden to be the beautiful centerpiece of your yard and maintain it throughout the year.

We also install and maintain vegetable gardens; everyone loves good food, and food grown in your own vegetable garden is simply the best.
We are happy to give you a quote for a garden installation, just give us a call.

Jim’s Mowing also provides gardening, lawn mowing, snow removal, fertilizing, hedging, power raking and power washing, aerating, and landscaping services. Book a job online or view our diverse array of gardening services to find out more.