Having well trained Franchisees is an important priority at Jim’s Mowing. Your first exposure to us is through our field trainers. We will have you work with different trainers over this period so that you see how the system works, and the skills and methods required for success.

Our trainers will answer any questions you have about their experiences and the training in our region. Training is ongoing and takes the form of seminars and workshops on topics including pruning, fertilizing, aerating, power raking lawns, equipment maintenance, health and safety issues, business expansion, customer relations, and administration. This training is presented by outside agencies as well as our successful Franchisees.

Ongoing help and advice comes from the office, but also from your local trainers and fellow Jims. A feature of Jim’s Mowing is that trainers are chosen from among our best franchise owners. Your peers in the group are an invaluable resource for the growth of your business.

Office and Administrative Support

Franchisees enjoy many benefits which set them apart from the typical independent operator in the industry. Our Franchise Management System, FMS, is a unique computerized system, and has been custom designed by Jim’s Mowing.
It enables us to respond quickly to our customers’ service requests. Our office staff is on standby to receive clients’ calls throughout the day. This means that a Franchisee can get on with the job, knowing that our customer service operators are handling calls and will send out the work immediately by text and email to their smartphone.
Our client details are kept confidential in our company database for easy reference and communication.