Establish An Outstanding Reputation In Your Territory

There are many ways to develop your Jim’s Mowing business to provide an excellent income and lifestyle for you and your family.

By providing fast, efficient, friendly and fairly priced service you will soon develop a reputation in your territory which brings you new business in the way of referrals as clients recommend you to others. Every time you park your trailer on the street, the trademark and your personal reputation will ensure that customers will ask you for a free quote on work they would like to have done.

Offer Multiple Services 12 Months Of The Year

We encourage you to expand your business by offering a wide variety of services. You will use your multiple skills so that, even when seasonal changes make the lawn cutting side of your business less busy, there are plenty of other services to offer. Lawn mowing is the core, the base of your business. Delivering multiple services all year round is the key to our franchise business. The majority of customer work requests sent to our Jims have nothing to do with lawn care. Suggesting those additional services is a great way to increase your income and develop trust with your customers. You must be entrepreneurial.

Split And Sell As You Expand

The ability to split and sell off a part of your business is a unique strategy that gives you great flexibility to develop your business to suit your long term plans. For instance, some franchise owners prefer to work solo, without staff or contract workers, and split their business when they have built up to the extent that they are unable to service all of their clients. Other franchise owners split as a planned strategy for developing and selling as many businesses as possible.

Expand Your Business By Employing Others

Some franchise owners elect to build their business by employing workers.

Sell Your Surplus Clients

Surplus clients outside your territory can normally be sold to, or swapped with, other Franchisees. Such clients should be offered first to the territory holder who can either purchase them or swap them for clients closer to your territory. Alternatively, these clients may be purchased by the Regional Franchisor and given to a new Jim’s Mowing Franchisee as part of the service designed to develop their business.

Sell Your Business

You can sell your franchise at any time. The regional office will assist you in finding a purchaser and will assess and help you train the incoming Franchisee.

Increase Your Trailer Fleet

Many of our Jims will consider purchasing additional trailers. It would not be unusual for Franchisees to have two or more trailers. You are also free to build your business to any size, by purchasing additional territory.